We are now OPEN for 2021! NOW delivering on Wednesdays!


Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions that we get from our clients! We hope this helps you with any questions you may have. If not, please visit our contact us page to be in touch with us directly!

What are your store hours?
As of January 16th 2020, we will be open from Fridays 11h - 15h, and Saturday + Sundays from 11am to 2pm to the public with a selection of fauxmages, a small selection of hot food for take away, as well as a handful of frozen food items/meals available.

You may call the store to place your order for pick up on the same day, or you can place an order online for pickup later in the week. 
Please specify time and date of pickup.

Can we come inside?
Due to COVID-19,  we switched to a take-away model with a take-out window accessible by our patio early 2020. We are not currently allowing any clients to enter our establishment, but are happy to serve you at our outdoor take-out window. 

I didn’t place an order online, can I still come to your shop?
Of course! While we encourage our clients to place their orders by phone or online to help limit contact and spread of COVID-19, you are welcome to come by our take-away window anytime during our open hours. We cannot guarantee our stock availability as we do prioritize our phone and online orders. 

What forms of payment do you take?
In person we accept cash, debit or credit (no AMEX), while online we accept most forms of e-payments.

Where are you located?
28-CH-de-la-Vallee-de-Wakefield, Wakefield, QC, J0X3G0

I’m at your counter, but no one is there, why?
This happens sometimes! We are a very small staff and often are working inside while we wait for clients to come to our window. If no one is at the cash register when you are there, please call us inside our shop at 819-720-0102 and we will be right out to serve you.

When can I pick up my order?
If you have chosen the pick up option for your order, but did not specify a pickup date/time, you can pick up anytime during open hours Friday-Sunday.

Where is your delivery zone?
Check out the interactive map below to see if you fall in our delivery zone! We currently deliver to Wakefield, Edelweiss, Farrleton, Masham, Chelsea, Gatineau and central Ottawa.

When will I get my order for delivery?
We have switched our delivery day to daytime Wednesday. This allows us to make all of our deliveries during daylight hours and ensure to follow compliance with Quebec's curfew.

I live in an apartment building in your delivery zone, is that okay?
It sure is! Please provide us with all relevant information we will need to get your order to you. Whether this is a phone number to call when we arrive, a code to enter the building, apartment number, etc. We recognize that during the pandemic many people do not like non-residents to enter their buildings, and are happy to connect with you outside the building or in the lobby.

Is there an order cutoff for deliveries or pickups?
Our order cut offs for deliveries is Monday at midnight. Any order placed after midnight  (i.e. Tuesday) will be delivered the following week.
Orders for pickup can may be placed no sooner than 30 minutes in advance for open hours. Please note we do not take orders during the last 15 minutes of service.

Is your shop entirely vegan? 
Great question! Our shop is entirely vegan, meaning there are no animal-based products in the building. No dairy, no eggs, no meat or fish/seafood whatsoever!

Do you use allergens in your kitchen?
We do however use nuts including cashews, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts.
We are NOT a nut-free facility.

While we do offer gluten-free products, we do use wheat flour and other wheat and glutenous products in our facility. While we do our very best to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee zero-contamination.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?
We are taking COVID-19 with great caution. We closed down our dining room at the beginning of the pandemic, switching to a take-out only model early on. We made the decision to keep indoor dining and service closed even while restrictions were lifted, feeling that this was the safest option for both staff and clients. 
With the colder weather, we now offer online and phone ordering with both pickup and delivery options.

No one but our small staff come inside the building to work inside. We wear, keep distancing measures when necessary, and follow proper mask and face covering procedures, as well as sanitize regularly and as needed. We stay up to date with Canada’s Public Health guidelines for ourselves and our staff.